Smiles are free 
 Da Grazia & Graziella, hospitality is the main dish: we will meet you with open arms, and we will make the time spent here with us unforgettable. 
 There is room for everyone 
 A large outdoor area, two delightful indoor rooms
and a hall for events and receptions.
We definitely have room for everyone. 
 Eat well, drink better 
 We leave nothing to chance: our menu and wine list are the result of research carried out with passion. 

Just a stone’s throw from the center of Rome there is a nice restaurant
that combines Roman tradition and a pinch of creativity.
Come and visit us, we will amaze you!

Food for the soul

With us you are not at the restaurant: Grazia & Graziella is a place from other times, with genuine roots in tradition. And it shows. And it feels.

Your comfort zone

Welcoming. Familiar. Fun. Grazia & Graziella is the place you were missing.

Bring friends!

For an aperitif after work, or a dinner with lifelong friends. From Grace & Graziella there is space to talk, to share, to party!

What we do:

The special occasions

Whether it’s a dinner with the whole “group”, an important anniversary, or an informal work meeting that requires the right tranquility and privacy, our “great room” will be able to welcome you, providing an elegant and warm context .

The restaurant

A meal is not just bread and wine. Eating is an emotional experience. We take care of the atmosphere, with staff who take care of you, making you feel at home. Our cooks and pizza makers know the attention to detail, with product proposals designed and cooked expressly for you. There are no less important elements than others: a good meal is not just something that fills the stomach, but something pleasant that we may have forgotten, that we haven’t experienced for a long time.

The aperitif

We have a lot of space outside and barmen who know their stuff: we believe that our place is the ideal place to end a working day, and to start the evening off right!

Grazia & Graziella

What do guests say about us?

Those who praise themselves cheat and so we decided to give the floor directly to our customers by fishing the latest reviews directly from TripAdvisor!


Where we are and how you can reach us

Address: Piazza Scipione Ammirato, 7, 00179 Rome RM
Telephone: 0
6 8937 0070

Opening time:
Every Day
10.00 a.m. / 01.00 a.m.

Facebook: @graziaegraziella
Instagram: @graziaegraziella
TripAdvisor: Grazia & Graziella